Faceless Arts refreshes the parts other arts can not reach

Image  Image The Heron by Faceless Arts

1) Art is for everyone … everywhere

2)  Art can flourish in the edgelands and is not the preserve of the urban cognoscenti

3) Art is about people and place and stories of people and places

4) Art can be made to high quality by anyone if the creative experience is of high quality

5)  A high quality creative participatory experience consists of the right process, with relevance to participants, facilitated in the right place.

6) A theatre building or arts venue can be a barrier to some people engaging with the arts

7) More people will have an opportunity to enjoy the arts if art is taken to them, made with them and is about them.

8) Everyone has a story to tell and art is a way of presenting and documenting those stories for others to appreciate

9) To create art through play makes it accessible and enriches both the quality of the work, the audience experience and those creating the work

10) Using multifarious media in the creation of work provides multitudinous layers by which an audience can engage

11) Working with performance, non-verbally and visually creates a  universal poetic language accessible to all