“The Viewpoints are a philosophy of movement translated into technique for 1) training performers and 2) creating movement on stage

The Viewpoints are a set of names given to certain basic principles of movement; these names constitute a language for what happens or works on stage.

The Viewpoints are points of awareness that a performer or creator has while working.”  Dixon, Michael Bigelow with Joel A. Smith, Anne Bogart: Viewpoints, p21 (1995)

“Viewpoints” for puppetry (embodied practice with thanks to Andrew Kim and Natasha Holmes)

1.    Breath

To be animate the object must breathe

2.    Focus or Gaze

The object needs to see and react/respond to stimuli

3.    Gravity/Weight

To be believable, the object must comply with the laws of gravity

4.  Articulation

Of limbs/head aids the puppet’s ability to locomote and physically embody reactions to stimuli.