FOLLOW THE DIVERSION takes inspiration from an Empty Square near Ousefleet, the only featureless square on an ordinance survey map. It is also based on the human geography of the area, with its A1 and M1 motorway arterials, canal routes, coal mines, glassworks and powerstations.

Whilst the large human interventions in the otherwise rural landscape, form a powerful backdrop to M62 communities and the M62 show, the real substance of the production are the personal stories and memories of younger and older people who live in the communities that flank the M62. These are beautifully unique places, that are often over-looked as people pass by, going about their busy lives. The production, literally diverts the audience from their maps and satnavs to a tour of local memories of time, space and place, taking in stories of pea-pulling, royal visits, WWII bomber squadrons and town lock-ups.

Young people aged 6-16 worked with Faceless Arts over three weeks during their summer holidays to collect stories from older people, and share their own stories, which, under the gentle direction of Faceless arts are transformed into a charming and poignant touring performance.

The style of the production is non-verbal, visual outdoor performance using the metaphor of children’s play to explore poignant memories, community identity and the importance of taking the time to stop and see what is around you.